You need a safe pair of hands to carry loads that exceed the Construction and Use Regulations and to comply with the Special Types General Order.

The aircraft industry contracts us to transport tail fins, wings and walkways, GEC their turbines, Bush their Generators and Caterpillar their excavators, to name but a few. Take a close look at a previous project of ours for General Electric.

This is because we have the trained staff with their background in heavy haulage and,of course, ability and access to the right equipment and tackle for the job.

Street furniture can also be moved.

Exceptionally high and wide loads may require our co-operation with the Local Authority and utility companies to lift overhead cables and remove road signs, street lighting, etc. But the ability we have in finding a suitable high/wide load route, if at all possible, is a much more desirable and cost effective remedy for our customer.

There are also economic choices we can offer you - even in heavy haulage.

If you have a piece of equipment that is not particularly exceptional in weight or size, or its movement may not time sensitive (an item for export shipment for example), we can arrange for the collection and delivery within your limits but after our vehicle has completed a movement in the area, or before being needed for a Special Types Load.

This allows us improved utility of our vehicles and we can offer you a cost benefit.

The daily diversity of loads/movements we deal with means this choice is regularly available to you.

No enquiry is too small for us and none too large. Kindly contact us using our contact page.