Consider these successful companies that take advantage of the distribution services we offer: Marks & Spencer, BMW Cars, Argos, Asda, BT, Cadbury's, ICI and Samsung.

We have achieved this success by cherry picking the best systems and methods used by the multinational companies.

That was many years ago when Freight Management was the UK arm of a multinational company. Following our management buy-out we used that valuable experience and skill to choose the best equipment, methods and control systems to become "Simply the Best"

We can give you choice and economy.
For example: You can call on specific types of Freight Management vehicles to carry your goods on contract or simple spot hire.

They can be part loaded with other products as groupage for further economy.

Or, we can employ a specialist of our 400 UK authorised partners in a Network established over our twenty years in business.

We'll set up the best contract for your company or simply discuss the most appropriate economic and efficient service for you on a job by job basis.

Please supply some details on the Enquiry form and we will provide a quote or further information at your request.

Have you lost contact or control of your cargo?

You have probably experienced the use of the highly promising, complicated distribution networks that are very good until something goes wrong or needs changing.

With Freight Management you will have two knowledgeable people as haulage contacts with an assistant's name as support.

99% of consignments are delivered direct

No transshipping or storing and we seldom have more than three drops on a vehicle, unless multi-drops are requested by you.

This means you have a contact who knows you and your needs and has direct contact with the vehicle and is in control of your goods.

This is broadly how we make the service efficient and we can provide a rate schedule or quotation to demonstrate the economy.

We can discuss your specific needs if you wish, or just send us details and we'll get on with the job.

Added value co-operation agreements

Responsible discounting, commission or rebate schedules may also favour our successful business relationship, which we will be pleased to discuss with you.